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Update: Dragon Ball Ari

2009-08-29 14:07:37 by SirBackspacer

Dragon Ball Ari won't be coming out soon, or for a long time. Let's just say Flash is being a pain and I don't want to shell out money to pay for it. I'm still working on a side projects, so videos will come out. Expect somewhat good things.


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2009-08-29 14:09:35

Hey! My nick name is Ari to seldom people :D
Today is my birthday :3
Anyways, that's a shame :( I'll expect wonderful things from you!

SirBackspacer responds:

That's awesome. I had a personal reason for using Ari.

I have been working on some videos and practicing with new programs and I'm getting there. I've mostly been working sprites because the drawing is messed up. I'll submit a test video to give an idea. The series will still be called Dragon Ball Ari too, but the storyline will be different. Later on today, I'll add the basic storyline.