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Dragon Ball AT

2009-08-31 22:06:01 by SirBackspacer

Time for a flash update. My Series has been given a facelift with some help from some good friends. Dragon Ball Ari is now Dragon Ball AT, and the plot is pretty significant. Here are some points to remember:

- This is not based on Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, or Dragon Ball GT. It has characters, plot elements, transformations, but no direct storyline. It is set in it's own universe.

- It will feature characters from DB, DBZ, and DBGT as well as original characters.

- It will have many other features, that I don't want to tell you and haven't thought of yet.

It will be a great series, and I expect the first episode to come out in mid-October. I will begin working on it as soon as possible. I will also update occasionally. I'll release a trailer sometime next month. Later everyone.


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